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Tree Damage claims to residential or commercial property may be covered by insurance carriers. Some insurance companies require additional coverage for such occurrences.


If you have a tree emergency, call the hotline show below or use the online form and one of our national representatives will contact you.


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Trees may be damaged by dangerous storms, including wind, rain, lightening, snow, hail, ice, tornado or hurricane.  Oftentimes, the downed trees cause additional damage to structures, vehicles and electrical lines. In such situations, expert arborists or tree removal experts are available to evaluate the damaged tree, remove the damaged tree and clean up the existing debris. Tree removal experts also offer consultation services to prevent potential tree failure, as well as tree replacement costs and subrogation support services.


When faced with a property claim involving tree damage, it is important to note that not all tree removal companies are trained in handling the insurance claim process. There are specific cost-analysis estimating processes and software programs for determining the most cost-effective mitigation procedures for filing the claim.


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