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General Contractors

General Claims Contractors


General Contractors are needed to repair and/or renovate property damage during the home insurance repair process.


Some of their services include the following listed below:


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Debris Removal


Debris removal services safely dispose of rubbish resulting from damage to a property.

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Demolition Services


Demolition services include the cleanup and destruction of building structures or portions thereof, which have suffered from serious physical damage.


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Electrical Contractor


Electrical contractor services are needed to repair damage to the electrical systems of a structure or dwelling.


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Floor Covering Repair & Replacement


Floor covering repair and replacement involves either the cleaning of an existing damaged laminate, tile, wood or carpeted floor or the replacement of the floor.


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Foundation Repair


Foundation repair specialists perform the repair, restoration and stabilization of a structures damaged foundation.




Gutters often need replacement at the time of wind claims or hail insurance claims.


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Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring services provide removal and replacement when there has been water damage to a wood floor.


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HVAC Contractors


HVAC contractors provide required heating and air conditioning repairs and air vent cleaning services.


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Plumbing Contractors


Plumbing contractors specialize in leak detection problems and repair and replacement of damaged plumbing systems.


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Roof Repair


Roof repair services are needed as a result of storm roof damage.


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Siding Replacement


Siding replacement is often necessary when the structure has suffered storm or fire damage to the exterior of the property.

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Structural Repair


Structural repair includes all aspects of returning the basic structure of property to its original condition.


Tree Removal


Tree removal is necessary storm damaged trees have been affected by wind, rain, snow, tornadoes or hurricanes and affect the stability of a tree in close proximity to one's property.


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Window Replacement


Window replacement is needed to secure the property back to its original condition.


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