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One of our most important objectives is to grow our efforts at providing group rates and franchise marketing opportunities.  Since late 2009 and early 2010 we focused on franchise owners and have been successful at building a relationships with them.  We thank them for listening to how we can help today and how we can grow to become very effective marketing arms for their small businesses.  We thank them for the the opportunity and will continue to work hard at providing effective solutions.


Some of our franchise clients include:

There are many others that we are currently working with and will continue to work closely with these franchise owners to provide them with the very best online marketing solutions.


Franchise & Group Marketing Objectives


While we always try our best to provide the most affordable services to all of our clients, including non-franchise clients, we are much like other businesses.  If you buy in bulk we can provide a more affordable solution.  This is why we work with franchises to provide them with group offer rates. 


Not only will franchises and groups receive the best possible pricing, but we often will work additional marketing services specifically for franchises.  As an example, we worked with Auto Appraiser Network and provided them with a very robust marketing proposal, including significant visibility in one of our new sub-websites


Do you need to be a franchise to take advantage of our group rates? Not at all.  Often times, business owners are friends with other business owners.  And in some cases that we have found already, is that a business owner may have a relationship with many other business owners.  In those cases, we provide a custom group proposal where we can provide a bulk discount.  If you are a business owner who can amass more than 5 other businesses, please let us know this and we will have our account specialists request a group offer. 


If you are interested in a franchise or group rate discount, contact us