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Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering


Forensic Accounting
Forensic accounting is used in insurance claims litigation for the purpose of recovering proceeds and recouping lost revenues. These services may include tax fraud investigations, fraud investigations associated with criminal investigations, check fraud investigations and financial loss related to personal injury.


Forensic accounting services are often utilized by insurance companies, attorneys, accounting professionals, banks, government and law enforcement agencies. In most cases, forensic accounting is conducted by certified public accountants, specializing in the forensic investigations of fraudulent events. Forensic Accountants may also provide testimony during a trial and act as an expert witness in cases such as insurance fraud matters.

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Forensic Engineering
Forensic engineering includes the process of investigating factors leading to personal injury or damage to a property. Forensic engineers examine the incident to determine if the product or structure failed, was faulty or was operating insufficiently causing the damage and/or injury. They often provide expert testimony detailing the origin of the malfunction, including factual data around the resulting accident or injury.

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Forensic Analysis
Forensic analysis includes, yet is not limited to the investigation of accidents in the workplace, vehicle accident investigations, structural damage analysis, product defect analysis, explosions and fire investigations, equipment failure analysis, causes of mold and mildew growth, systems mechanical failure analysis, and marine loss investigation analysis. Forensic analysis processes are often used to support legal matters associated with loss and oftentimes are related to insurance claim cases. Beginning with the interpretation of the physical evidence of an accident, injury or crime scene, engineers utilizes various areas of forensic science to determine the origin and facts surrounding the investigation.

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