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Document Restoration
After suffering fire or water damage to your property, the repair of important documents is essential. Document restoration services offer state-of-the art technology for repairing birth certificates, banking information, business files, books, medical files, tax records or any other vital materials that have suffered damaged.


The process of document freeze drying stabilizes the documents and prevents inks from staining, while preventing further damage to the document. Another process for restoring and salvaging damaged documents is through a process of dehumidification, whereby the documents are quickly dried to remove any water and prevent mold from developing. Document reprocessing techniques have proven successful in restoring materials when attended immediately after the damage occurs.

Art Restoration
The process of restoring fine art that has been damaged by water or fire can return your valuable items as close to their original pristine condition as possible. Cleaning and stabilizing the damaged art is a tedious process. Art damaged by water must be handled immediately in order to prevent further exposure to moisture or humidity and increased harm. Art remediation services include repair of paintings, sculptures, mosaics, ceramics and a vast array of other fine art or collectibles.

Photo Restoration
When family heirloom photos or essential business photos have suffered fire, mold, mildew or water damage that can be returned to their original condition through various processes of photo restoration. Photo digitalization is a preferred method used by photo restoration specialists, which begins with a high resolution scan of the photo. Through a process of retouching and enhancement, those memorable photos can be restored.

Electronic Restoration
Whether it be a home computer, TV, stereo or business computers and servers, the restoration process must begin as soon as possible after the damage occurs. Restoring electronic components after damage from water, fire, wind or smoke begins with the dismantling process of the electronic equipment. Once dismantled, the parts are vigorously cleaned in a high pressure chamber to remove any contaminants. Next, dehumidification and deodorization processes are used to dry the equipment before the equipment is tested to ensure reliability of the component.