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Auto Appraisal Service


An Auto Appraisal is often recommended when you are looking to secure automobile insurance, buying or selling a car or at the time of filing vehicle insurance claims. It is important to have the documentation of the current condition of your vehicle, to provide to the insurance company.


It is also essential to have an auto appraisal for when you are dealing with another driver's insurance company. Your auto damage appraisal is a priceless device when negotiating a car accident insurance settlement.

The role of an Auto Damage Appraiser is to estimate the current value and existence of your vehicle. Auto Appraisal Companies can even document the value of your vehicle after an accident. They will estimate the cost of repairs or in the event of a total loss, calculate the diminished value and salvage bid.


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Insurance Salvage


Upon completion of a car accident insurance settlement, where a vehicle has been totaled, oftentimes the insurance carrier will sell the wrecked vehicle to an auto salvage company. The salvage cars are rebuilt and available for purchase at the lowest possible prices. This enables the consumer to own a late model vehicle at a fraction of the fair market value.


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Overspray Removal


Overspray paint removal companies specialize in the removal of paint, tar, airborne emissions, vandalism and concrete from your vehicle. Removing overspray technicians work with most major insurance companies to resolve insurance auto claims resulting from vehicle contamination.


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Auto Body Collision and Repair


The automotive insurance industry spends billions of dollars each year paying out insurance claims for car accidents. Auto insurance estimates are usually necessary prior to settling the claim and completing repairs to the vehicle. Refer to your automobile insurance policy to verify your coverage for auto towing protection, auto rental services, window glass replacement, collision body repair and replacement value.

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