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About Insurance Claim Contractor Group is the leader in providing a nationwide, centralized system of experienced insurance claim vendors. The company is founded and supported by contractors, adjusters and marketing experts working within the insurance claim field. Our goal is to increase visibility for skilled insurance claim vendors and set them apart from their competitors. The use of the internet continues to be recognized as a primary source of searching for services and provides tremendous opportunity for growing a business, therefore Insurance Claim Contractor Group is committed to assisting our vendors develop a solid online presence in their local area and profit from the claims industry’s most innovative resources.

As the result of poorly designed systems for customers seeking vendors for insurance claims, has become the preferred stop for property owners. With insurance industry losses in the tens of billions each year, coupled with the delays in claim settlements and higher claims costs, our experienced vendor resources are a welcome benefit for the customers filing property and casualty claims.

As a benefit to property owners in search of the services of insurance-specific professionals, Insurance Claim Contractor Group LLC provides a gateway through which property owners may contact industry professionals in their areas who denote themselves to be experts in specific stated fields. Insurance Claim Contractor Group LLC does not make any representations and does not endorse, propose, or support of any listed professionals or the information offered by the professionals on their linked site. Under no condition will Insurance Claim Contractor Group LLC be accountable for any direct or indirect damages for any use of this web site or its linked contents.


What Sets Us Apart?


Insurance Claim Contractor Group offers EVERYTHING Insurance Claim Providers need to advertise their services. We offer “one-stop shopping” for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Utilizing cutting-edge search engine optimization features, Insurance Claim Contractor Group work effortlessly to drive local traffic to customers seeking your services.

We manage our own web server through one of the largest independent Internet Service Provider. Our web servers are collocated, redundantly mirrored, managed and maintained by their competent and highly trained staff 24/7/365 to ensure the highest standards of accurate functionality and “up time”.

We offer the option for businesses to maintain their own content management system using a password-protected login. This allows for unlimited modifications to ones’ account, which requires no technical skills above and beyond those used in every day word processing.

Insurance Claim Contractor Group offers a cost-effective means of reaching an Unlimited potential of customers seeking insurance claim provider services. Advertising with ICC Group can drive results! We absolutely need your business to succeed, so we are committed to making sure that you are provided with true value, and then some.