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Nationwide Tree Removal Services & Tree-Related Insurance Claims

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Services Include:

Professional Tree Services
24-hour Emergency Tree Removal
Tree Damage Consultations
Tree Damage Analysis
Tree Preservation Services
Tree Removal Experts
Fallen Tree Removal
Subrogation Support Services
Large Tree and Limb Removal
Debris Removal
Wildfire Recovery Services
Pruning Services
Cabling and Bracing of Damaged or Weakened Trees
Insect & Disease Treatment Services

Tree Claims Services
Cause of Loss Reports
Pre-Loss Evaluations
Lightning Protection Services
Replacement Costs - Trees and Shrubs
Tree Claim Estimates

Contact Information

Nationwide Toll-Free:
(866) 937-6468

24 Hour Hotline:
(877) 406-3232

(866) 646-8329


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Tree Removal Services

HMI offers national claims support services to the insurance industry with a 24-hour emergency solution for any tree-related insurance claim. HMIís network of experienced arborists and tree care experts provide all services related to tree damage recovery and subsequent tree claims.


These services include tree and debris removals (including emergency and CAT support capabilities), expert reports to support subrogation actions, tree removal estimates, cause of loss reports and replacement costs for lost trees and shrubs and wildfire damage recovery. In addition the companyís plant valuation, inspection and risk assessment data support a growing number of insurance products covering trees and shrubs as well as loss prevention programs for a number of leading insurance companies.

HMI provides its services through a national network of qualified arborists and professional tree care companies. With over 2,000 crews available, HMI is the nation's leading source for professional tree care and emergency tree services. All of the companyís network partners are fully qualified, licensed and insured and are capable of providing tree removal services throughout the United States.

HMI (Horticultural Asset Management, Inc.) works hand-in-hand with insurance agents, adjusters and companies to assist in the quick resolution to insurance claims involving tree damage. Our treeClaims Hotline is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. HMI is an invaluable resource for all property and casualty claims professionals. HMI offers national support services, education and evaluation for a wide variety of claims involving trees, shrubs, turf and even hardscapes.


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