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Having a website is a great step and really a necessity in helping to effectively market your business in today's world. But it's not enough. With the continually explosive growth of the Internet, being found in the search engines is essential to your company's success in the online arena. 


ICC offers comprehensive on-page SEO packages that will help your website achieve the search engine rankings necessary to help drive clients to your website.  It is important to understand a few basics about SEO services.  The first is that the industry as a whole, is very misunderstood and in many cases very unethical.


Some SEO companies are selling the intangible SEO service and not doing much of anything if anything at all.  It is easy to tell a client what they will do but not easy for a client to tell what was done.  We spend the time explaining what we will do, and then detail what work will get done once we have an agreement with you.  The work that gets completed for an SEO service can be verified by reviewing the code of your website.  We will show you the code you currently have and then show you what we have changed.


Our work is completed by a certified SEO engineer and the focus will be on latest best practices coupled with results from a very thorough keyword analysis.  The keyword analysis is a critical component of the SEO process and often times very misunderstood.


Each SEO package is custom developed and quoted based on the needs of your website. We will conduct extensive research to assess what level package you'll need in order to achieve your online goals.  Our prices are very reasonable and in some cases we will actually not take the work.  For example, if after an initial analysis is completed, we may find that the effort at achieving effective results outweighs any potential ROI.  While this may sound crazy, it is true.  Dont let others fool you.  Some sites will take an effort that is so substantial in labor and cost, that is simply will not provide a solid ROI, leaving a more conventional marketing approach to be a more reasonable solution.


Let us help in determining if your business and website meets the criteria.


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