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There are primarily three types of insurance industry adjusters, who investigate claims and provide damage assessments for your property.


Staff Adjusters


Staff adjusters work directly for the insurance company in order to settle insurance claims. Oftentimes when filing a claim for insurance, a staff adjuster will be sent

out by the insurance company to assess the damage and estimate the cost of recovering their loss.


Independent Adjusters


An Independent claims adjuster is an independent contractor, not employed by the insurance company, yet contracts services for scores of insurance companies at the same time. If the insured is not satisfied with the damage assessment, completed by either the insurance company adjuster or independent adjuster, they have the right to hire a public claims adjuster.


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Public Adjusters


Public adjusters work exclusively for the property owner and act as advocates for the insured when dealing with the insurance company. They are hired to ensure that the insured receives a fair and equitable settlement for their loss. Public Adjusters will often hire expert witnesses to assist in the negotiation of the claim settlement.

There are different forms of claims handled by each adjuster. A property and casualty insurance adjuster will manage claims which entail damage to property; a liability claim adjuster handles claims associated with personal injury, and third-person damage to property such as in a car accident insurance settlement. Someone who handles both claim types is referred to as a multi-line adjuster.


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