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Sponsor - Wildfire Experts & Property Damage Services in California
Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics

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Main Telephone:
(800) 266-8988

Main Fax:
(909) 596-8803

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Serving the following counties:

Los Angeles County
San Diego County
Ventura County
Orange County
San Bernardino County
Riverside County
Santa Barbara County
Also Available Nationally


Services Including:
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Water Damage
Construction Defect
Flooring Forensics
Property Damage Assessors
Construction & Reconstruction
3rd Party Evaluations
Expert Witness
Industry Standards
Litigation Support
Insurance Claims Specialists
Formal Reports
Cause and Origin Investigations

  Property Damage Services in California

Property Damage Services Offered by Spiegel


Water Damage Services
Water Damage Mitigation Standards & Practices
Water Damage Mitigation Costs
Water Intrusion Cause & Origin Investigations
Ground Water Problems
Sewer Back Up Standards of Care
Restoration Cost Analysis/Third Party Evaluation
Building Design Causing Water & Mold Problems

Construction Defect Services
Design Defects & Failures
Latent Defects & Defect Cause/Effect
Water intrusion & Mold Contamination
Substandard Workmanship
Window & Roof Leaks
Concrete Problems, Concrete Humidity & Vapor Emission Testing

Flooring Forensic Services
Cause of Damages
Restoration & Replacement Estimates
Manufacturing Defects/Installation problems
Certified Flooring Inspectors
Cleaning & Installation Standards

Property Damage Assessors - Claims Involving
Water & Mold
Fire, Smoke & Wildfires
Claims Disputes
Structural Damage
Vandalism & Contents Claims
Sewage Backflow
Wind Damage
Construction Defect Claims

Construction & Reconstruction Services
Building Trade Construction Standards
Contractor Standards of Care
Construction Claims Damages & Cost Estimating
Insurance Claims & Construction Disputes

Third Party Evaluations - Analysis of Restoration & Construction projects
Mold & Bacterial Contamination
Construction Defect
Structural Damage
Water Damage
Sewage backflow
Fire, Smoke & Wildfires
Flooring Forensics
Industry Standards of Care
Contents Claims
Wind Damage
Claims Disputes
Property Damage Restoration

Expert Services
Specify Scope of Work
Inspections & Formal Reports
Litigation Support
Cost Damage Appraisals at Current Industry pricing
Cause & origin Investigations
Smoke Particulate Testing
Indoor Environmental Assessments
Property insurance Claims
Assess Damage & Prepare Scope
Infrared Structural inspections
Contained Destructive Testing
Detailed Construction Estimates
Concrete Moisture Testing
Restoration vs. Replacement


About Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics


Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics offer expert testimony, consulting and third party evaluation services related to property damages subsequent to Fire, Water, Smoke, Wildfires, Mold and bacterial Damages as well as Construction, Reconstruction and Construction Defect related problems.

Brian and David Spiegel have worked for over forty years in the property damage restoration and the construction industry. Their parents established their company Spiegel Certified Restoration in 1950. They now offer extensive consulting services to law Firms (Plaintiff and Defense), Insurance Companies, Residential and Commercial property owners, Contractors, Realtors, and property management Companies. Both have been speakers nationally and internationally on property damage restoration and microbial contamination related topics. In the past, they have been speakers at the property Loss Research Bureau (PLRB), National Mold Symposium in Charlotte, north Carolina and the Forensics Consultants Association on mold litigation, mold remediation and the role of a California State Expert give in Newport Beach, CA.

In the media, Brian and David have written articles for industry trade magazines and given television and radio interviews, including one with Brian on ABC TV "Good Morning America" featuring a segment on mitigating water damage. Brian was the President of ASCR; the Association of Specialist in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR; International Association). ASCR changed its name to the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) under Brians' term as President. Brian is also past President of the National Institute of Disaster Restoration and recipient of the Martin L. King Award (Restoration industry's most prestigious award).

Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics areas of expertise include Mold Remediation, Water Damage, Fire & Smoke Damage, Wildfires, Flooring Forensics, Structural Damage, Construction Defect and Industry Standards of Care.


Spiegel Property Damage Consulting and Forensics services in Southern California and Available Nationally.