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Overspray Removal Services - Nationwide
Nationwide Overspray

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Overspray Removal Services

Enamel Removal
Tar Removal
Urethane Removal
Lacquer Removal
Tar & Oil Removal
Iron Dust Removal
Spray Paint Removal
Vandalism Removal
Environmental Fallout Removal
Road Spray Removal
Chemical Emissions Removal
Industrial Coatings Removal
Paint Overspray Removal
Concrete Removal
Cement Removal
Epoxy Paint Removal
Caustic Stains & Hydrocarbon Removal

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Telephone: (800) 345-1269
Fax: (925) 849-6643

2413 Lacy Lane, Carrollton, TX 75006


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  Overspray Removal Services


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About Nationwide Overspray


Nationwide Overspray provides safe, high quality overspray removal services to businesses and individuals throughout the United States. Since 1982, Nationwide Overspray has processed more than 300,000 claims involving paint overspray and other types of vehicle contamination. We are fully insured and have certified, uniformed technicians ready to respond within 24 hours to handle your claim and begin the overspray removal process from your vehicle.

Nationwide Overspray specializes in paint overspray removal, as well as the removal of enamel, urethane, lacquer, tar/oil, iron dust, vandalism, environmental fallout, chemical emissions, industrial coatings, concrete and epoxy paint. Sanding and buffing have been used for years to remove overspray with unsuccessful results. This method dulls the paint finish and leaves swirl marks, resulting in unsatisfied customers. At Nationwide Overspray, we use a hand process to gently remove overspray, using polishes that do not harm clear coats of the vehicle. Proprietary cleaning products and techniques ensure the best results. These techniques vary depending on the vehicle's finish and type of contamination.

Our innovative overspray removal techniques do not void manufacturer warranties and are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our mobile services allow us to work anywhere in the nation and give us the ability to handle large claims.

As the leader in safe overspray removal, Nationwide Overspray works with insurance companies, self-insured entities, contractors, automobile manufacturers, vehicle processing centers, and the general public. We strive for perfection in cleaning each vehicle, and our ability to adapt to each customer's needs remains our top priority.

From a single vehicle to 10,000 vehicles in 5 weeks, Nationwide Overspray can handle any size claim. Our network of overspray removal teams throughout the nation enables us to respond quickly to any job site and provide a turnkey operation.

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