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What is your Current Marketing Plan?
In today’s world, most people look to the Internet to find what they are looking for. If you are not marketing your business online, you are missing out on reaching potential customers. If you are marketing your business online, are you sure your advertising campaign is optimized?

It is not as simple as building a website anymore. There is so much competition on the web, that most business owners are missing the boat when it comes to effectively reaching their customers. On the other hand, your reaching customers online may be very costly.

How Do We Know That Customers Will Find You on Our Site?
We spend much of our time advertising our business, as well. We are continuously marketing through adjusters and agents to spread the word about our directory and ultimately drive business to you!

Make a Simple Business Decision and Move Beyond Traditional Advertising!

What Sets Us Apart?
Insurance Claim Contractor Group offers EVERYTHING Insurance Claim Providers need to advertise their services. We offer “one-stop shopping” for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Utilizing cutting-edge search engine optimization features, Insurance Claim Contractor Group work effortlessly to drive local traffic to customers seeking your services.

We manage our own web server through one of the largest independent Internet Service Provider. Our web servers are collocated, redundantly mirrored, managed and maintained by their competent and highly trained staff 24/7/365 to ensure the highest standards of accurate functionality and “up time”.

We offer the option for businesses to maintain their own content management system using a password-protected login. This allows for unlimited modifications to ones’ account, which requires no technical skills above and beyond those used in every day word processing.

Insurance Claim Contractor Group offers a cost-effective means of reaching an Unlimited potential of customers seeking insurance claim provider services. Advertising with ICC Group can drive results! We absolutely need your business to succeed, so we are committed to making sure that you are provided with true value, and then some.


Where does your business website rank in portals like Yahoo and Google, and the like?
Insurance Claim Contractor Group has a dedicated team of experts whose only focus is search engine optimization. Therefore, is highly ranked with both the major and local search engines.


What do you currently spend on Marketing/Advertising your business?
You may currently be utilizing PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, local print ads, television campaigns or coupon books. These avenues of advertising your business may prove to be profitable, yet are they affordable? And are you reaching all potential customers? In today's world, businesses must have an online presence. For a fraction of the traditional advertising costs, Insurance Claim Contractor Group will provide you with EVRYTHING your business needs to stay ahead of its competitors and follow the trends of the Internet Advertising world, by providing visibility to a limitless local customer base.


Where does our business website rank in portals like Yahoo and Google, and the like?  

What do we currently spend on Marketing/Advertising our business?

Are we reaching a limitless customer base in local newspapers, coupon books, and traditional print ads?

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