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Hydrogeology Services Company
Maddox and Associates, Inc.

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Hydrogeology Services Includes

Asbestos Removal
Cause & Origin Investigations
Consultants/Experts & Third Party Evaluation
Energy, Oil & Gas Consultant
Environmental Consultants
Environmental Engineers
Environmental Remediation
Environmental Remediation Analysis
Environmental Site Closure
Environmental Site Investigations
Expert Witnesses
Forensic Engineers
Forensic Geologists
Forensic Hydrogeology
Forensic Investigations
Forensic Testing Services
Fuel Age Dating
Geologic Fault Investigations
Geological Investigations
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Damage Assessments
Groundwater Modeling
Hydrogeologic Investigations
Landfill Engineering
Mold & Mildew Assessment & Removal
Mold Testing & Inspections
Radon Testing
Structural Drying
Underground Storage Tank Removal
Vapor Intrusion Investigations

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  Hydrogeology Services

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Maddox & Associates, Inc. is a California-based, hydrogeology firm offering services nationwide. We have over 20 years of experience servicing clients throughout the US, including private and public entities, insurance companies and acting as expert witnesses and consultants to all parties. We take pride in offering each of our clients the knowledge and expertise to understand their individual challenges. From the beginning to the end of every project we ensure we give the best at what we do by always understanding the needs and budgets of our clients.

As hydrogeologists, our services include delineation of the source(s) and extent of contamination in subsurface soils and groundwater, interpretation of subsurface conditions controlling flow and transport, analysis of groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

During the initial stage of a site evaluation, also known as a Phase I investigation, we will identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. The analysis will address both underlying land as well as physical improvements to the property. The Phase II environmental investigation, is conducted when a "recognized environmental condition" (REC) is found during the Phase I ESA. If there is evidence that soil and/or groundwater contamination is present at a site, a Phase II investigation and action plan is undertaken. In Phase III, site remediation services, are performed when previous ESA's positively identified the presence of contaminated material on the subject property. Once it has been confirmed that the site has been impacted by contaminants, Maddox & Associates will design appropriate remedial systems for specific site conditions.

Our site closure program design consists of a strong knowledge base alongside a good closure strategy, as well as a closure management and decommissioning plan. Where applicable, we perform Natural Attenuation studies-specifically investigations to determine whether Natural Attenuation is occurring in the site subsurface. Natural Attenuation is just one of the alternative cleanup technologies used by Maddox & Associates to bring about site closure.

All of our Enviornmental Projects involve the use of environmental sound science to support litigation. Typical tasks for hydrogeologists include delineation of the source(s) and extent of contamination. At Maddox & Associates, Inc. we also provide landfill engineering services. We have extensive sanitary landfill experience involving the installation of methane gas collection/migration wells and groundwater monitoring wells in the United States and Canada. These services include the evaluation of methane gas production/migration and groundwater leachate contamination.


Steve Maddox - Chief Geologist

  • Professional Geologist, State of California, No. 4814
  • Certified Hydrogeologist, State of California, No. 298
  • Professional Geologist, State of Arizona, No. 52982
  • Certified Health and Safety Training at Hazardous Waste Sites (OSHA)
  • Waste Operations Site Supervisor Training
  • Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers
  • Groundwater Resources Association of California
Pertinent Courses of Study:
  • Groundwater and Unsaturated Zone Monitoring and Sampling
  • Analysis and Design of Aquifer Tests
  • Groundwater Geochemistry
  • Annual West Coast Conference on Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
  • Southwest Focused Ground Water Conference: MTBE and Perchlorate
    in Groundwater
  • Perchlorate in California’s Groundwater
  • Application of Risk Assessment for Environmental Decision Making at
    Contaminant Release Sites