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Insurance Claim Contractor Group provides a comprehensive directory of qualified and skilled insurance claim service providers who possess the necessary skills for filing, negotiating and settling the claims procedures for property, casualty and auto insurance claims.

Our goal is to increase visibility for skilled Insurance Claim Service Providers and set them apart from their competitors. ICC Group stands out by concentrating on the insurance claim niche.

We understand that maintaining a viable advantage in the insurance claim market may become costly without the knowledge base for marketing. Therefore, we have added value to small businesses through the creation of our comprehensive online directory. Our knowledge and experience with online marketing identifies and reaches your targeted customers and successfully brings together the insured and the vendor in an efficient manner that significantly supercedes traditional advertising strategies.

ICC Group provides products and services with high quality, protection and value pricing. It is our objective that experienced insurance related vendors who specialize in claims work generate a profit, while growing at a challenging and manageable rate. It is our vision to establish online visibility for your business and drive traffic to your service.

ICC Groupís blueprint for success encompasses a reputation of honesty and integrity. Our Sales Team and Customer Service Department will work closely with your business to ensure that your advertising campaign is effective and reinforces future customer retention.

Our business plan projects rapid growth in its first year and continuing into future years of operation. We understand where the insurance industry is moving, therefore implementing this marketing strategy will ensure that your business remains a profitable venture.