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Insurance Claims FAQs provides consumers with tips on how to file an insurance claim. The process for submitting a claim on your home or auto policy is pretty straightforward.

The first step in filing a claim is to contact your insurance agent who will need detailed information for initiating the claim form. This is usually done over the phone. The insurance company will then send out an adjuster to investigate the damage. You must wait for the adjuster to complete the assessment and assess the damage before you begin making repairs.

If you have experienced a catastrophe, or are in an emergency situation, your insurance company will make available to you, a restoration company to secure the property damage, prior to the adjuster conducting the assessment.

Once these property insurance claim steps are complete, you will be informed of the monetary value for the necessary repairs. Each state has its own requirements for responding to claims and each insurance company follows their own guidelines and timelines for filing insurance claims. Some agents and adjusters will provide a list of approved contractors to repair the damage; others will allow the person filing the claim to choose their own contractors. An insurance company may provide the claim check directly to the property owner filing the claim, while others will pay the contractors directly.

Check with your local agent of insurance company provider for complete details on how they handle claims payments.

It is important to note that filing too many claims with your insurance company may result in the loss of coverage.

What is a Deductible?

An Insurance Deductible is simply the amount of money that the insured is required to pay, for repair to damage, under the insurance policy. The insured chooses the deductible at the time of purchasing the insurance coverage. For the most part, the lower the deductible, the higher the insurance premium.

Do I have to use my Insurance Company's Adjuster?

Your insurance company will usually schedule an adjuster to inspect and assess the damage upon filing a claim. If you do not agree with the adjusters’ assessment and the value of your loss, you may hire a public adjuster to conduct a separate assessment to submit to your insurance company. The insurance company will review both assessments and negotiate, with you, a fair settlement.

How do I know if I really need to file a claim?

If you have experienced a loss and believe your insurance will cover the loss, it is in your best interest to call your insurance agent and review the situation. The agent will assist you with making an informed decision as to whether filing a property insurance claim is in your best interest or whether there may be repercussions for filing the claim. Do not wait; call your agent as soon as possible after the loss.

How do I find someone Qualified to repair my damages?

Some insurance companies will provide you with a list of qualified contractors, restoration or cleaning services, or auto repair contractors to contact and bid on the repair for your damage. The insurance company will usually back up the work provided if they make the referral. If your insurance company does not provide you with a vendor list, it is up to you to find a company that is qualified and experienced with dealing with the parameters of a property insurance claim.

How long will it take to settle my claim?

The length of time it takes to settle a claim differs depending on the insurance company and the extent of the loss. Be sure to maintain contact with your insurance agent to check the status of your claim. Many insurance companies have a system in place allowing for the capability of the insured to monitor their claim process online.

Will my claim be covered?

Insurance claim coverage varies from policy to policy. It is important for the insured to be completely clear about what is covered within their policy, in the event that the insured is filing a claim. Determine if you may need catastrophe coverage; coverage for additional living expenses in the event you must relocate, flood coverage, liability coverage, personal property coverage or real property coverage.

What are some safety and preparedness tips?

Most Insurance Companies recommend that the insured maintain an inventory list. This can be as simple as a list of your personal property or a more comprehensive record, including copies of receipts and/or video or photographs of your property. The inventory list should be kept in a safe place (either a fireproof lox box or at a separate location from the property). No one wants to experience a loss of any kind, yet being prepared will ease your frustrations in the event that a loss occurs and you find yourself filing a claim.


What is a Public Adjuster?

A public loss adjuster will investigate and examine insurance claims, assess cost and value of the loss, and submit a claim to your insurance company. A public adjuster works for the property owner, while a private adjuster works for the insurance company. Either way, their responsibility is to provide the best resolution to the property owners’ loss and negotiate payment for the repair, renovation or restoration.

A homeowner may choose to hire a certified public adjuster if they feel the adjuster working for their insurance company is not providing them with adequate compensation for their loss. In such a case, the public loss adjuster will conduct their own investigation of the claim and submit a separate claim for the purpose of negotiating a fair settlement through the insurance company. There are specific forms and files which are used by the public claims adjusters which are required by the insurance company.

What is a Restoration Contractor?

Insurance Restoration Companies help remediate and restore damage that occurs to your property. You may not know when an accident is going to happen or the extent of the damage to your property. What you will need is an expert restoration company who will immediately respond to your emergency situation.
If you need fire and water damage cleanup, including hardwood floor water damage, laminate floor water damage, drywall repair water damage, roof water damage, you will need water restoration contractors. If you have suffered roof hail damage, have wind claims, mold insurance claims or need help cleaning smoke damage, insurance restoration companies are the experts in repairing your property damage and fully understand the insurance claim process.

What is the role of a General Contractor?

General Contractor services are needed to repair damage caused to your home upon filing an insurance claim. Once an insurance adjuster outlines the cost for repairing the damage, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to hire a license general contractor who will work within the limits of the insurance quote. When conducting a search for general contractors, it is important that your building contractors are familiar with the insurance claim procedure. There is an abundance of detail involved in the process of filing property insurance claims, of which the property owner is often unaware. Therefore, find construction company professionals with the expertise in insurance claim renovations.